At max20 Project Solutions we believe our strong associate network is the backbone of our success. We work together to provide strong partnerships to achieve success for all. We want max20 Project Solutions to be a vibrant, supportive and caring company to work, for all of our current and new associates.

Our associates can expect from us-

  • Practical advice on operating as an associate
  • Market Insight
  • New opportunities
  • A long term collaborative approach to ensure ongoing success

As part of the max20 associate network, we expect our associates to: –

  • Represent max20 reflecting our values and ethos
  • Engage with the max20 network
  • Work with us where practical to identify and create opportunities
  • Support us to continually improve across your specialist areas

We expect to develop and grow the associate network further over the coming year so if are interested in contributing to the network's growth growth or becoming an associate please contact us