Project Solutions

max20 is a constantly growing provider of healthcare project solutions, created by experienced and passionate industry experts, who are driven by their strong commitment to improving the UK’s healthcare systems.


max20 Project Solutions has been developed to help the NHS meet and solve the ever-growing challenges facing the sector.

Our solutions focused approach give you the client a defined timeline with clear deliverables with identified resource plans at a defined cost to meet your needs and budget

This approach is based around the following principles:

  • Pro-active Mind-set
  • Partnership Approach
  • Service Solution Orientated
  • Outcome Focus
  • Evidence Based
  • Metric Driven
  • Defined Costs and Resources
  • Clear Governance Processes
  • Procurement Compliance

Our service fills a clear gap in the current market, is outcome focused with solutions delivered in a structured way providing clear and differentiated levels of support to suit individual client needs.

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overview of steps
diagram of process


We implement a robust process to ensure that the scoping, procuring and resourcing of your required project solution is supplied. We utilise the five stage project solution lifecycle to do this and to ensure successful monitoring and delivery of your solution.

Conduct a targeted scoping and assessment of the organisations’ requirements
Develop a detailed outline to guide the best utilisation of the identified requirements
Support the implementation of deliverables to enhance the capability of the organisation’s effectiveness to ensure successful project outcomes
Close ongoing monitoring through robust two-way reporting to ensure any issues are dealt with in a timely manner, mitigating potential risks to project delivery
Ensure the positioning and exit of specialist resource allows for any ongoing developments linked to the solution to be carried forward
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By utilising a service solutions approach to support the successful delivery of your project the organisation gains a number of benefits

  • Enables the selection, planning and delivery of the right project solution balancing Change and Business as Usual priorities
  • Provides visibility of project deliverables and reporting information
  • Enables clear Governance Structures and Accountability
  • Delivers effective capacity planning and resource management
  • Ensures consistency of business change delivery aligned with business as usual priorities
  • Enables fast track start-up of business change initiatives
  • Delivers effective assurance – oversight, scrutiny and challenge and ensures success to be delivered

It also provides a timely and cost-effective solution that can be quickly acquired for a defined period allowing expert and knowledgeable resource that the organisation does not have within its current resource to be utilised where and when required.

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